We have a state of art Manufacturing facility located at Thane district in Mumbai spread across 20,000 Square feet. With an intention to support large volumes, we have set up an establishment that supports huge production capacity. Our niche product ranges across various Paper and Paper related Stationeries like Notebooks, Exercise books, Counter books, Ruled papers, Diaries, Duplicate books, Subject books, Calendars & many more. Apart from paper products, we also entertain and accept OEM Projects and related orders. Our Facility works on multiple shift basis and is empaneled by the best Skilled workforce. We provide excellent environment to the workforce and that helps delivering volumes. Our specialization and an edge over the competition stems from the fact that our set up is acclimatized in:

  1. Make to Order scenario.
  2. Make your brand famous with our best products & services.
  3. Super expert & well-equipped outsourced team of Design - more specifically Cover Designing.
  4. Understanding of latest marketing trends, aligning it with expectation from clients and delivering it in quick TAT.
  5. Impeccable planning – Right alignment and synergies between Procurement and Production team.
  6. Strong Supply chain of loyal distributors and registered vendors that supports the right quality of material procurement in time.
  7. Robust manufacturing process.
  8. Efficient Quality inspection and Control section for testing the inward raw material and ensuring eminence in finished products.
  9. Storage Capacity that supports large volumes.
  10. Experienced and loyal employee base.
  11. Connect with the clients by way of approval process.
  12. Extremely Strong Logistics that encompasses right alignment of shipment and handling nomination cargos.

Above features enables us to derive economies of scale and ultimately resulting in better and reasonable pricing.

Facility is well equipped with latest technology and branded machines that can generate volumes with utmost quality consciousness. Following is the gist of major machines that we have installed over a period.

Ruling Section Binding Finishing & Packing General
Lineomatic ruling machine – 4 Wire stitching – 2 Corner cutting machine Generator
Lineomatic ruling high speed machine– 2 Online Wire stitching & 3knife cutting machine Cutting programmable machine – 3 Compressors
Hydraulic pressing machine – 2 Lamination Machine Heavy duty Goods Lift
Counting & folding machine – 2 Large Offset color printing machine- Heidelberg, Germany.
Pasting machine – 3
Nipping machine – 2
Thread stitching machine – 2
Centre sewing machine – 3
Back Squaring machine – 2

Just to put things in perspective, our company has registered a year on year growth of 25% consistently over the last 3 years and the most commendable part being 75% of the growth was contributed due to repeat orders from long standing and loyal customers. This demonstrates the value “Trust”.

Manufacturing process starts with procurement of raw material. Once testing of material is carried out successfully, the same is processed through various stages of manufacturing as explained below.


This is the most Critical process as we do the ruling process as per the requirements of the Client. In this process raw material in the form of blank paper reels is passed through ruling machine, Flexo rubber sheets and ink are used for printing lines on the paper as per the set parameters. High-quality water-resistant inks are used to handle the spreading. Various kinds of rulings can be carried out on paper like French Ruling, Square Ruling, Arabic Ruling etc. The paper size is decided according to the final size of the product.


Another critical process for manufacturing of Notebooks, Long Books and Paper Stationery is binding. Binding is a set of collectively processes that encompasses various sub process like counting, folding, stitching, pasting and cutting of product.

We use branded Counting & Folding Machine. Online pinning machine and wire stitching machine with 3 knives cuter has the capacity to generate 0.15 million pieces per day. Apart from main ingredient being paper, other raw materials in the form of straw/duplex board, binding cloth, stitching wire, cover paper and other consumables are being used to carry out the activity of Counting and Folding. Worth to mention here that we use Special Hot Glues (Supreme 555 grade-Customized based on our demand and experience) for binding and testing process developed according to the technical requirement and quality expectations. Entire process is preset based on the requirement of Client and is highly customized and automated one. Broadly guillotine – paper cutting machine, stitching machine, dab press are used for carrying out above activities.


Last process engrosses the beautification and durability check of the product and hence considered to be again one of the most critical one. The process involves final cutting and packaging of notebooks, long books and paper stationery. Both the activities are independent; however, the packaging is of more customized in nature as it revolves according to the exact requirement of the Clients, high quality export blade and multicolor printed master carton are used to pack the product. Branded machine is used to carry out the process effectively.

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